Grass Root to Professional Taekwondo Training in Karachi

프린스 태권도 아카데미 Prince Taekwondo Academy is affiliated with PTF Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, Sindh Taekwondo ST, Taekwondo Karachi TK. The young talented students of club won a lot of competitions on local and national level and shown the results of intensive training of Master Suqrat Farooqi, & Sir Taha Farooqi & Sir Saad Farooqi at Prince Taekwondo Club. The senior Black Belts visits frequently to give tips & techniques to students, which help them to improve their game. Prince Taekwondo Academy won a lot of medals in Local and National Taekwondo Championships. Best Taekwondo training in Karachi Prince Taekwondo Academy promoting the martial arts in Karachi from grass root level to create champions for healthy competitions and developing a peace community, in collaboration with internationally certified Taekwondo instructors. Separate Girls Classes for Taekwondo, Yongmoodo, Sudo Karate, Self-Defense, Aerobics Fitness for healthy life & to lose weight on alternate days. Prince Martial Arts, the only Separate Girls Taekwondo Club, offering Girls Only Taekwondo & Martial-Art Classes by female instructor.

Under umbrella of Prince Martial-Arts Academy we also give professional training in SuDo Karate, Yongmoodo, Basic Gymnastics and Martial-Arts Weapons.

GIRLS SELF DEFENSE:::: Prince Taekwondo is only Club in Karachi providing girls only Scenario base Real Self Defense training for Girls & Working Women that works on streets. Bare Hand Self Defense, Gun and Knife Disarm Techniques, Anti Kidnapping Techniques by international Master Instructor.

ARCHERY TRAINING: Prince Archery Club providing archery training to all ages Kids, Adults by international certified Instructor. We provide all professional archery equipments. Female trainer available for girls. Indoor and out door archery range available with modern equipments provided by Prince Archery Club.

SWORD TRAINING: Include Sword Training by Prince Martial Arts in your schedule this year! Spectacular, fun-filled Broadsword Straight Sword & Martial Arts Weapons training to keep you busy and active !
 If you're looking for Sword Training Classes in Karachi that will keep you physically active while making friends, having fun and gaining confidence, then look no further than Prince Martial Arts Academy. Learn techniques, Combination Exercises & Routines in Barehand, Straight Sword and Broadsword in safe environment

NUNCHAKU FIGHT TRAINING: Only Club in Karachi providing training in Nunchaku Fight under supervision of Sindh Nunchaku Association, affiliated Pakistan Nunchaku Federation

INLINE & ROLLER SKATING: Prince Skating Club offers professional skating training, roller skating, inline skating, skateboarding by professional national level skating coach Sir Safdar Humran skating club.

DODGEBALL TRAINING: Prince Dodgeball Club provide training and international competition opportunity to all ages boys & girls.

SUMMER CAMP KIDS MARTIAL ARTS: Our thrilling and challenging summer camp for kids can be geared to chils dren of all ages. Our summer campp offers the right mix of learning, activity, and fun. Our clean, spacious and safe TaeKwonDo facilities & talented TaeKwonDo instructors will work with your children to develop TaeKwonDo skills, confidence, focus & self-esteem.

Special Courses

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Prince Taekwondo Academy is the best club from beginners to professional level martial arts training

Street fight Self Defense for boys girls working women, anti snatching techniques, anti kisnapping techniques, weapon disarming, gun disarm


We are the best Self Defense training club for boys and specially girls / women of all ages.

Talwar bazi, Sword training with real swords, wushu broadsword, katana sword, sword on sale, sword classes for all ages boys girls kids


Master Farooqi is proficient in Sword Training with real swords to kids and adults boys & girls.

skating classes all ages boys girls kids beginners and professional level skating training, best skating club


Inline Skating training by national coach Safdar for kids & all ages boys and girls.

Special Events


Prince Taekwondo performed in Pak Army PACES Championship 2019 in front of Chief of Army Staff

Dodgeball training, martial arts classes, karate training at best karate club

Performed before GM Arshraf Tai

We performed before Bando Karate Grand Master Ashraf Tai in Award Ceremony at IBA Auditorium.

Best taekwondo martialarts club in karachi, prince martial arts

At Sindh Rangers TCS

Master Farooqi receiving Soveiner from Commandant Sindh Rangers Training Centre, Col, Naeem Akbar.

1st TK Certificate Course

Master Farooqi, Sir Taha, Sir Saad at 1st TK Refree Certificate Course at NED Gymnasium.

About Us

One of the best martial arts club in Karachi, Prince Taekwondo Academy affiliated with District Central Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Karachi, Sindh Taekwondo, Pakistan Taekwondo Federation. The Taekwondo classes are taught by our internationally qualified Black Belt instructors who have a wealth of experience in both Taekwondo & Martial-Arts competition, Traditional Taekwondo, fitness and self-defense. Following the original interpretation of the art, Prince Taekwondo Academy & Prince Martial-Arts Academy seeks to enrich its students through understanding of the mental, physical, and philosophical aspects of WTF Taekwondo Korean martial art.


Club Aim

To Spread Peace Through Sports. To teach the Taekwondo & other Martial Arts in accordance with the regulations and guidelines as set on International standards. To enable each student to participate in a disciplined sporting and recreational activity regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

International Certified Master Instructor Master Farooqi

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Farhan Shaheed Park, Block i, North Nazimabad, opp. Shipowners College, Adjacent Khyber Shinwari Restaurant, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Campus 2
Prince Martial Arts & Fitness, Al Noor Sports Complex, Opp. Al-Noor Masjid, Al-Noor Park, Ali Street, Block "F" North Nazimabad Town. (Near Ziauddin Hospital)

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Indoor Campus 2 Block F