Ancient Martial Arts Weapons Training

프린스 태권도 아카데미 Prince Taekwondo Academy is reknown name in martial arts weapons training for kids, girls and adult boys. We teach Nunchack, Lathi, Sword, Archery from beginners to professional level. In ancient times, traditional weapons were used for self-defense. The art of combat with these weapons was often developed out of necessity, using common items contemporaries. The bat that accompanied a traveler on his journey can be turned into a weapon, and its use has evolved into an art. The common household item used to carry water from the well was used as a weapon in case of emergency.

Other common items were used as tools of war. In our Classes the study and the discipline of the warrior from ancient times helps us today in our daily battles of life. The discipline of mind and body acquired during the study of any of these weapons in the past is a valuable tool for us today.


For ages 10 years to onwards

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Our dedicated and experienced instructors are skilled in finding the right mix between learning.

To master the Big Saber, you will need to develop:

 Good wrist strength to handle the weapon
 Core strength is more important than arm strength
 Ability of using chi to propel the weapon for slashes
 Swift precise footwork to generate momentum for techniques

In our Da Dao syllabus, you will be doing:

Basic stances and conditioning exercises for wrist
 Individual attacks such as slashing and hacking
 Close combat techniques
 Weapon handling and maintenance
 Footwork to deliver and master techniques
 Weapon counterattacks
 Combination attacks


For Ages 5 years to onwards.

Nunchaku Fighting Style is a young martial art in Pakistan which focuses exclusively on the nunchaku; a centuries-old weapon made famous by Bruce Lee. Everyone restricted to swing Nunchaku in a Demo, but we at Prince Martial Arts providing professional training of Nunchaku Sparring with Foam covered safety Nunchaku. The nunchaku is the foundation on which the sport is built. Its modern day incarnation: the safety nunchaku, makes it possible for two fighters to safely and legally engage each other in the duels that make up the most popular part of nunchaku-do: Kumite. The Sindh Nunchaku Assoication in collaboration with Pakistan Traditional Nunchaku Federation (PTNF) promotes this sport around the country and has branches in many cities.

Sindh Nunchaku Association promoting Nunchaku Sparring, Nunchucks Fight classes at Prince Martial Arts Nunchaku Sparring Training Nunchucks Fight classes at Prince Martial ArtsWe focus on both the traditional practice of martial arts, and optional competitions for any of our members to take part it, in both poomsae and sparring. Tae Kwon Do is not only a sport, it is a way of life. Practicing with the Prince Martial Arts is an excellent way to learn self-defense, increase fitness of mind and body, get involved in a Purdue sport, meet new people, challenge yourself, and have fun! If you are looking for the best Martial Arts club in Karachi, then you have come to the right place. We are friendly club, with the exception of very young children, people of any age and physical condition can join and work at their own pace to develop and improve their abilities.




For Ages 10 years to onwards.

Now Is A Great Time To Learn Archery!

We offer indoor and  outdoor Archery programs for adults, juniors, parents and corporate teams for competitive archers by professional instructors. If you want to improve your archery, each training session should have a clear purpose and direction. This can be as simple as working on a technique area or learning a new skill.

It is good to think through what you want to do before you start your training session, this will help you focus on what's important. Depending on what you are working on, select a method of training which is suitable. For example, if you are working on a new technique area, you would use a light bow and shoot at close range with a blank target first. Jumping straight to long distance with a target face is unlikely to be productive.

You should mix up your training in a number of ways to help you achieve the results you want. This depends on what you're working on, what stage of your training you are in and what you want to achieve. Some things you can vary in training are below.

1.) Distance

2.) Target face

3.) Number of arrows per end

4.) Total number of arrows in your training session

5.) The drills you do

6.) Ratio of shooting to light bow repetitions in your training session

7.) Ratio of long distance to close blank boss shooting

8.) Rest between arrows

9.) Rest between ends

10.) Bow poundage

11.) Activity between ends (light bow repetitions, exercises etc)

12.) Rest between sessions

13.) The intensity and duration of your sessions