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프린스 태권도 아카데미 Prince Taekwondo Academy affiliated with PTF Pakistan Taekwondo Federation, Sindh Taekwondo ST, Taekwondo Karachi TK, District Central Taekwondo Association DCTA is one of the best martial arts club in Karachi, Prince Taekwondo Academy offers taekwondo classes taught by international certified Black Belt instructors who have a wealth of experience in both Taekwondo competition, Traditional Taekwondo, fitness and self-defense. Following the original interpretation of the art, Prince Taekwondo Academy seeks to enrich its students through understanding of the mental, physical, and philosophical aspects of WTF Taekwondo Korean martial art. We focus on both the traditional practice of martial arts, and optional competitions for any of our members to take part it, in both poomsae and sparring. Tae Kwon Do is not only a sport, it is a way of life.

Practicing with the Prince Taekwondo Academy is an excellent way to learn self-defense, increase fitness of mind and body, get involved in a Purdue sport, meet new people, challenge yourself, and have fun! If you are looking for the best Tae Kwon Do club in Karachi, then you have come to the right place. We are friendly club, with the exception of very young children, people of any age and physical condition can join and work at their own pace to develop and improve their abilities.

Why Choose Us?

Exercise - Practising martial arts at Prince Martial Arts Academy is an excellent way to keep fit, combining aerobic, anaerobic and plyometric exercise, stretching, strength and stamina training. We take seriously the idea that training should be good for your long term health, and exclude practices that would be detrimental in the long term.
Self-Development - Our training helps the individual to gain confidence and self-discipline, to train the mind and body equally. This type of training has benefits not just in training but in all aspects of life.
Self-Defence - This such an important aspect of our training philosophy that you will be able to protect yourself on streets.
Fun - Above all, training must be fun. Our club also provides a very friendly social atmosphere.

Our Vision

Our Expertise

Taekwondo Choaching
100% Complete (success)
Martial Arts Weapons
90% Complete (success)
Poomsae Training
60% Complete (success)
Target Shooting Training
95% Complete (success)

Suqrat Farooqi

Founder & Chief Master Instructor

Saad Farooqi

Club Secretary & Senior Instructor

Taha Farooqi

Director / Master Instructor

Mohammad Ali Farooqi

Shooting Club Managing Partner

Fareeha Khan

Girls Coach / Supporting Instructor

Zakia Ansari

Coach / Supporting Instructor

Master Farooqi

Fasiha Farooqi

Poomsae & Weapons Coach

Master Suqrat Farooqi

Master Instru8ctor