KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2024KIDS SUMMER CAMP started at Prince Taekwondo Academy the best Taekwondo club in Karachi is promoting the Kids Martial Arts in Karachi to create champions for healthy competitions and developing a peace community.
Master Suqrat Farooqi of Prince Taekwondo Martial Arts Academy  Designed and  Introduced a New Thrilling MartialArt ... CAT-WON-DO full of fun for kids. Based on Cat Fighting Style, Combination of Taekwondo, Kick boxing, MMA Ground Fighting, So thrilling for kids.

Include Prince Taekwondo Summer Camp in your child's schedule this year! Spectacular, fun-filled Taekwondo & Self-Defense Summer Camp to keep you busy and active during your summer break!

For ages 5 years to onwards. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Our dedicated and experienced instructors are skilled in finding the right mix between learning, instruction and fun for children of all ages! We offer full TaeKwonDo & Self Defense training as well as exciting activities in a positive environment for everyone at TaeKwonDo Summer Camp. Our clean, spacious and safe TaeKwonDo facilities & talented TaeKwonDo instructors will work with your children to develop TaeKwonDo skill, confidence, focus & self-esteem.

CATWONDO CAT FIGHT STYLETaeKwonDo Summer Camp helps children:

◊ Become physically fit, energetic & active
◊ Learn self control & cooperation
◊ Tackle adversity
◊ Learn importance of courtesy & respect
◊ Improve confidence
◊ Set goals & learn how to achieve them

Our exciting and challenging summer camp for kids can be geared to children of all ages. Our camp for kids offers the right mix of learning, activity, and fun. If you're looking for a summer camp in Karachi that will keep your child physically active while making friends, having fun, and gaining confidence, then look no further than Prince Tae Kwon Do Academy.

   Shooting Training for Kids with Co2 pistol and Air Rifkle
New Thrilling Martial Art ... CAT-WON-DO || 
KidsShooting Training  with Co2 AirRifle
Designed by Master Suqrat Farooqi

Grass Root to Professional Taekwondo Training in Karachi

Professional Taekwondo Martial Arts Training by international certified competent coaches, Martial Arts Weapons like Sword, Nunchaku, Lathi training, Weapons handling and Shooting Training on Co2 SemiAuto Pistols and Air Rifles in Level 1, then also real Weapons in Level 2 at Shooting Range.

Prince Taekwondo Academy is the best club from beginners to professional level martial arts training


Master Farooqi is proficient in Sword Training with real swords to kids and adults boys & girls.

Shooting Range, Target Shooting Olympic Sports Training, Rifle & Pistol Safety Handling, Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooting .

Prince Target Shooting Club providing professional training in Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooting..


Prince Martial Arts Academy also conduct special courses and seminars for girls, working women, boys when group of min 10 students formed. We also conduct Self Defense corporate seminars at your Office premises or Educational Institutions.

We are the best Self Defense training club for  girls / women of all ages. LET'S PROTECT YOUR SELF ON STREETS.

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